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My next career move

It's fall, so time for a new beginning… or wait, is that supposed to be in the spring? Well either way, I've decided to make a pretty large career move after 10 great years with SunGard Availability Services, starting in November. This is an exciting change for me, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts about where I'm going and why.

So what's the new gig?

I'll be joining CumuLogic as their VP of Product Strategy as of November 4th.

Why am I betting on CumuLogic?

Keep in mind that my opinions below are just that: my opinions, based on what I know so far.

In deciding to make this move, I've spent several months getting to know the company a bit, internalizing their position and approach to the market, and hearing about their future plans. I came to the conclusion that CumuLogic has a really strong story to tell. Their focus on offering products that compliment various IaaS projects / products with modular services is the key to that story. When I say "modular services", I'm referring to DBaaS, Elastic LB, Cache as a Service, etc... Their product basically open up the possibility for public and private cloud operators to immediately add value above the basic VM and object storage services in a reusable and flexible way.

What makes me believe that these modular services are needed? Well, AWS is the clear leader in the IaaS space. This shouldn't be in question for anyone who follows the cloud services market. For me, one of the most significant reasons for this leadership is that they offer more than just EC2 / VPC / S3. These services are being adopted by Amazon's customers, particularly those customers that want to go "all in" with their adoption of the platform. And once AWS has them using these services, discussion of moving to a provider offering only virtual machines becomes exceptionally difficult.

The huge opportunity for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), as well as IT departments offering private clouds to their internal consumers, is to expand their offerings beyond the basic IaaS elements. This embrace and extend approach to the proven AWS model has been argued to death in the blog-o-sphere (see examples here and here), and by looking at how to make their environments not just API compatible, but semantically similar, operators will be able to attract more users to their environments. Importantly, this needs to include more than just VMs, object storage and networking configuration. It requires the added services!

So again, why do I think that CumuLogic is the right place for me? Simple: They have laid a solid foundation for enabling "anything as a service", and are already successfully delivering modular cloud service capabilities to users and operators today. This includes their Database Service (MySQL), NoSQL Service (MongoDB), Load Balancing, Elastic Cache (memcached), and Framework Service features. In the future this will continue to expand, both in underlying framework choices and the service constructs themselves. It's a great starting point!

Last word, for now...

I'm obviously going to be in learning mode for the immediate future, and I can't wait to get started digging in with CumuLogic's customers, prospects, partners and (of course) the great team waiting for me there. If you're using CumuLogic, considering their products, or are a current / prospective partner, I'm looking forward to speaking with you.